Specializing in
A Holistic Formation Of Intimacy

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Specializes in
a holistic formation of intimacy

My BA is Psychology, MPH in Public Health and PhD in Human Sexuality
provided me with the ability to analyze and counsel human relations, but
only through my spiritual journey I became enlightened with the inseparable
and unbreakable dependency of mind, body and soul.

Mission & Purpose

The difference between healing and curing lies in these subtleties; while
curing is the elimination of symptoms, healing works at a much deeper
level, treating the causes of the imbalance that lead to discomfort. And
while a cure is the ideal outcome of a medical intervention, healing is the
product of a journey in which all aspects of your life are transformed.
Having surrendered the former, you are reborn into a new life. You realize
that the temporal you who dwells in the physical world is ever-changing, but
the timeless you is infinite and in perfect bliss. This realization can help you
return to sublime health, mind body and soul, by guiding every cell to unite
in the formation of a more suitable materialization of your new self.


“Soul, if you want to learn secrets, your heart must forget about 
shame and dignity.  You are God’s lover, yet you worry 
what people are saying.”