Speaking Engagements


The Red Pill Chronicles -Speaking Engagements

What is the reality map you carry inside you? If you want to change your
reality, you need to rewrite this map. Neuroscientists believe this map is
embedded in the neural networks of the brain. Energy healers believe it
resides in the energy centers of your body; regardless of where your map
resides or emerges from, to bring about change in your reality and integrate
spirituality, you will need to reroute your views. You will need to focus on
why something can and will come into your life, rather than why it cannot.
Deep inside we already know that we can transform life at the deepest level
by holding a vision of the possible.

My aim is to share this gift with others by inviting them to entertain their
highest dreams, as you help them rise from their deepest fears.
I hold seminars and workshops to pay this valuable knowledge forward;
My role in this journey is to walk by you and provide answers to questions
that may arise. The healing and learning is done by you, and you alone. I’m
only here to point you the direction and support your quest.