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While western healthcare views a dysfunction or discomfort on a micro level, dissecting the very core and relating to no other aspect of our bodies and minds as a whole, eastern views remind us that the tools to healing ourselves are deep within, and need no exogenous force, to be impactful and efficient. To heal ourselves, and to maintain our health, we must become fearless.

I offer a wide ranged, holistic approach to physical, emotional and intimate vitality and well-being. When you are ready to recapture your life force and watch every single aspect of your life follow, you will surrender to The Trifecta Effect

The Trifecta Effect is a 3 DAY (mostly weekend) experience 
 full healing on the 3 dimensions of livinG

The journey to the Mind-Body-Soul is a life enhancing experience
On day 1 of your healing we will evaluate and restructure the body;
We will explore pressure points and energy centers. We will examine your
nutrition and your chronic discomforts. We will evaluate where you’ve taken
your body and where would you like it to go.

On day 2 of your healing we will focus on your mind. We will engage in a
conversation about your environment, your background, emotional
experiences and challenges. We will engage in a unique eastern talk
therapy and employ a mind occupying challenge.

On day 3 of your healing we will tie the knots; we will relieve your soul from
its discomforts or potential blocks using an eastern energy shifting
modality, we will engage in beneficial breathing techniques and to finalize
,we will conduct a ritualistic ceremony that will seal your trust in the new
you ,and align your body and mind with your supreme consciousness- the

After surrendering to the trifecta effect, you will find it much easier to
maintain your equilibrium, no matter what is taking place around you; you
will find you’re now open to opportunities for experiencing something better.
You will have the inner resources that serve you in creating a life of your

Holistic Healing- what does the Curandero do?
The functionality of your body and mind is defined by your inner stories of
how you love and forgive, and by your diet, habits and beliefs.

So, in order to truly heal, not only (temporarily)cure an ailment, you will
have to create a new story about your journey through life, so that you can
stop running the old programming and worn-out beliefs.
In the journey of healing, you have to trust that just as the serpent sheds
his skin, the old roles and identities that no longer serve you, need to be